My name is Vincent Pancaldi, I am a programmer currently working at Ubisoft.

I am interested in tools programming, artificial intelligence and high performance programming.

Currently, i am working on PaperPlane a project using Unity3D.

At Ubisoft i am working on Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer.


Paperplane got the IGF 2011 Showcase price !

This is my website, a means of sharing my personal interests and getting to know me.

Most of what you will find here is related to game programming, I introduce my projects, my works and myself. You may also find more in-depth topics such as in-depth topics, like postmortems, or more futile thoughts, my readings and some links.

I suggest you to have a look atsome of my projects first.

For your recruiting needs you may want my resume.

If you were looking for Abstrakt™, please note the application is now named Strok, and that it will be available as soon as we have the resources to make it happens. Where is the Scheme monster !?